STATION INFORMATION  AR-Cluster V6 User Manual [Stored by DL9GTB]


Station commands allow the setting and display of station/user information and configuration settings.  The following information is contained in the user profile:  email address, here/away status, home-node, latitude/longitude position, macros, Name, phone QRA (Maidenhead grid-square), and QTH (city/state).  The Set/Station command allows for the setting of station parameters and the Show/Station will display your current station settings.  You can also execute a Show/Station Call command and see the settings of other stations. 


Show Station

The  SHow Station  command can be used to display your saved station information.  The following information is displayed:  email address, here/away status, latitude/longitude position, macros, Name, phone, QRA (Maidenhead grid-square), and QTH (city/state). 





The Show/Station Call command can be used to display the station information for other callsigns.  The following information is displayed:  email address, latitude/longitude position, Name, phone, QRA (Maidenhead grid-square), and QTH (city/state). 


show/station k5hog         


Set Station Email

The  SEt Station EMail  command is used to set your Internet email address.




Set Station Here

The  SEt Station HEre  command can be used to indication to other users when you are away from your station. 


set/station/here on

set/station/here off



Set Station LatLon

The  SEt Station LAtlon command is used to set your position latitude and longitude.  Latitude/longitude information is used for calculating beam headings and MUF information. Syntax 1 used degrees and decimal degrees which allows for greater position accuracy.  Syntax 2 uses the traditional less accurate Deg Min format which yields a position accuracy of approximately 1 mile.

Syntax 1: set/latlon lat-ddd.ddd lon-ddd.ddd

Syntax 2: set/latlon lat-deg lat-min N/S long-deg long-min E/W

set/station/latlon   30.28333 -97.95

set/station/latlon   30 40 N 97 46 W



Set Station Macros

The  SEt Station MAcro  command can be used to build custom user macros.  Macros are defined shortcuts that are expanded in the command engine.  The 0 thru 9 keys can be custom configured by the user as a macro.  If the first character of a command is a 0 thru 9, the character is replaced with its user defined macro definition.  Macros are programmed using the Set/Station/Macro n Message command where n is the macro key number (0 thru 9) and Message is the message stored in the macro.  For example if you set macro 1 to be a sh/dx command as show below, you can execute the command by hitting the 1 key followed by the enter key.  Macros are very useful when dealing with long commands.  They can also be used to quickly change DX filters.


set/station/macro 1 sh/dx

set/station/macro 2 sh/wwv

set/station/macro 3 show/dx  comment=*qsl* or comment=*via*

set/station/macro 4 show/dx  band=12

set/station/macro 5 show/dx  comment=*iota*
set station macro 6 set dx filter spottercont=na
set station macro 7 set dx filter 



Set Station Name

The  SEt Station NAme  command is used to set your name.


set/station/name Mark         



Set Station Needs

The  SEt Station NEeds  command is used to set your DX needs.  User needs can be set on the operating modes of CW, SSB and RTTY.  If the first character in the filter command is a +, the data is appended into the needs list, if the first character in the filter is a - data is removed from the list, otherwise the existing needs list is overwritten. 


set/station/needs ssb 1S,3B9,HK0/m, R1MV,VK9M

set/station/needs rtty A5,CE0Y,FO/a

set/station/needs cw 1S,CE0Y,FO/a, R1MV

set/station/needs +cw VK9M,VP6/d

set/station/needs -cw VP6/d


Set Station Phone

The  SEt Station PHone  command is used to set your phone number.  The phone number is validated and must match the format shown in the example.


set/station/phone (512)555-1212         



Set Station Grid

The  SEt Station GRid  command is used to set your QRA Maidenhead Grid square.  The grid is validated and must be two characters, two numbers and two characters.


set/station/grid EM11AC         



Set Station QTH

The  SEt Station QTh command is used to set your QTH City and State.


set/station/qth Austin, TX